There will only ever be one person I would spend eternity in a coffin with. Alas he is gone.

Spending pure happiness with each other, till death. Death is such sweet sorrow (pssha pssha its scary as ever, nice picture, nice lovely thought of spending eternity with the one you love. but scariness).

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3 SIZES Twisty Jason Jigsaw Terminator art print Dawn of the Dead Night of the Living Dead American Horror Story by Scott Jackson

These are my latest paintings that I created using oil. by Zach Dunn

My Latest Horror Paintings Created With Oil

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The Mannequin by # # The Mannequin # scifi # fiction # doll # d # macabre # horror # artwork # illustration

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Dominik Broniek (Wow, that is phenomenally bleak. And so damn well executed. Reminds me of the curved needle in an old piece of my own.

Silent Hill artwork by Masahiro Ito (darlene's notes: I know the feeling...)

Silent Hill Downpour - Japanese cover painted by Masahiro Ito. Konami officially released the painted cover by Masahiro Ito, without titles.