Horse Breed Sizes

This site provides the history, reasoning, and proper way to measure horse height. Students will use this guide to measure a live horse and determine how many hands it is.

Breathtakingly Beautiful Horses

Breathtakingly Beautiful Horses

Breathtakingly Beautiful Horses - Love these breeds! I have an Arabian (Mix People Funny)

Jing - A - Ling - Palomino Kentucky Mountain Gelding - KY

Simply Stunning Palomino with amazing mane and forelock

The Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse is a horse breed from the US state of Kentucky. Developed as an all-around farm and riding horse in eastern Kentucky, they are related to the Tennessee Walking Horse and other gaited breeds.

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Chart of Horse Facial White/Facial Markings. An "Interrupted Stripe" is also known and often referred to as a "Star Stripe and Snip". An "Bald Face" is also sometimes referred to as an "Apron Face".

Shadow Mountains |genetics|

) But there are more than this chart indicates. Plus, there are more horse colors than black and white and palomino. Horse Colour Chart vs 2 by Gaurdianax on deviantART