What's not to love about this photo?! A muscular guy snuggling a pit bull ❤️

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Chris Hemsworth , the love of my life and my number one go to for a book boyfriend

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Not normally into scruff, but I can always make an exception for Henry Cavill

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AHCHU!!! Ugh, oh excuse me, (sniffle) I think I've got a little something on my lip. A little boogie on my lip. Let me wipe it off. And then put it on your shirt. LOLOL how do ya like me now!?

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Ryan Rodney Reynolds (born October 23, 1976) is a Canadian film and television actor. ..so good needs to be re-pinned again!

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Hello Fairytales and Myths from across the globe. My name is Stephen Grimm...yes, my dad is one of The Brothers Grimm...though which one I don't know. Anyway, I'm here to do what I do best....write. I'll be recording your stories as they happen, so please come introduce yourselves.

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Scott Eastwood photographed by Philip Mueller for The Gentleman’s Journal (April 2016)

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I don't care how old Brad Pitt is....you will still be the sexiest man alive in my book <3

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Chris Evans....those eyes

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