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And all ultra-conservatives focus on is abortions. PPH is so much more than that. Yet all these high income ritzy clinics push fertility drugs. So it's ok for someone with tons of money to take a bunch of drugs to pretty much give birth to a litter, but low income women trying to be responsible in obtaining birth control get assumptions & judgement.

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Imagine walking with them and Dan/Phil (pick one.. or both no judgement here lol) has their arm around you

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What the world needs. Pinterest | @chelstokarski

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On that day, be on GOD's side, and not on the side of a military that is run by an insane leader that is foolish enough to take arms against God's own, Israel !

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Empathy is simply listening, withholding judgement, emotionally connecting and communicating that incredibly healing message of "you're not alone."

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This is OUR guy. Actual physical evidence of him having some of the best judgement of pretty much anyone ever.

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It brings internal peace and it's the first thing we will be questioned about on Judgement Day...Never miss salah! It's for our own benefit.

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It is time to seek the Lord, on his terms &conditions. Islam is the Final Message to man. If your life &those you love are a little dear to you, pay attention. Listen. Think. Consider. Decide. But take the right decision. An error of judgement could be fatal. Call upon His help. Ask Him &He will answer you. Oh, you don't need an internet connection. Keep The Faith.

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I can relate too well with this quote... why is humanity so damn judgemental? ~ ss

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