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Johnny Storm is the Human Torch Super Hero shirts, Gadgets & Accessories, Leggings, lovers

Human Torch Jim Hammond | Human Torch (Android) (Earth-616) from All-New Invaders Vol 1 8 cover

Human Torch (Android) (Earth-616)

The Human Torch is one of the first superheroes of the Marvel Universe, his history spanning.

"Who's that guy on fire?"    "It's the human torch james .   -______- " @aportch @marianne_booth

Jonathan Storm (Earth-616)

marvel human torch | Marvel vs Manga Series #2 ( Human Torch vs Natsu Dragneel)

Marvel pinning challenge day 10 - Favorite member of the Fantastic Four: Johnny Storm! I can't stand Reed or Sue, and the Thing is fine, but Human Torch is by far the best!