Siberian Husky -Wolf Dog mix.  I want him.

Siberian Husky - Outgoing and Cheeky

SIBERIAN HUSKY WOLF MIX | prince siberian husky wolf hybrid one year old male

Listed as a wolfdog- in the comments you'll find a great breakdown of its phenotype, and why this is just a dog.

German Shepard husky wolf mix

German Shepherd/Husky/Wolf mix

A german shepherd husky mix like the one shown here has a strong lineage on both sides as a working dog.

Malamute/Wolf hybrid  Although the idea of having wolves (hybrids) as guard dogs seems scary for intruders, they are actually really shy and therefore really bad guard dogs. lol

Raven the wolf hybrid at 10 months old—"She is a giant Malamute / Timber Wolf / British Columbian Wolf / Mackenzie Valley Wolf cross.

This is a husky wolf mix. Wicked awesome.

omg somebody please buy e one :( This is a husky wolf mix. and extremely beautiful dogs would love one!