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The diagram of suggested user flow through product like a user guide Dribbble - by Daz_Qu

Delivery app design - UX/UI on Behance:

Food infographic UX/UI - Delivery app design on Behance. Infographic Description UX/UI - Delivery app design on Behance - Infographic Source -

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Nice use of bright and light colors on a dark theme. Lockups are tight and hierarchy is clear. Alternating subtle differing shades per row work well in displaying data.

D-D Play - App Design | Abduzeedo Design Inspiration

D-D Play - App Design

Kitchen temperature light 2x                                                                                                                                                                                 More

I am a fan of minimal design and this interface certainly achieves that. I also like the fact that the use of color plays a huge role in telling a story.

UI Interactions of the week #98 – Muzli -Design Inspiration

UI Interactions of the week #98 – Muzli -Design Inspiration

14 motion design trends for web and mobile interfaces | Econsultancy

Peek Calendar Mobile App Flat UI Design App not for me (I prefer more customization), but it sure is beautiful.