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Anime / Inuyasha.

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Inuyasha in human form holding his sword Tetsusaiga - InuYasha Official Artwork

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Inuyasha & Kagome... Puro romance, amor....y picardia!!! - karo_w_vip Más

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#Inuyasha is the swag king *dies of laughter*

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InuYasha - Staff: Miroku, Acorn: Shippo, Braid: Kagome, Tail and Boomerang: Kirara and Sango

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I just started watching this today....I always find images about this anime but i never sat down and watched it! My opinion: It's a really awesome anime so far! <3

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hahahahaaha this part was so funny! I probably wouldve done the same thing

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Inu no Taisho(pai), Sesshoumaru e Inuyasha...

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Kagome - Pandemonium III by invisibleninja12 on DeviantArt

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Inuyasha~ Kirara She is my favorite animal sidekick and not even sailor moon can replace that!

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