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Isis Isis was worshipped as the ideal mother and wife as well as the patroness of nature and magic. She was the friend of slaves, sinners, artisans and the downtrodden, but she also listened to the prayers of the wealthy, maidens, aristocrats and rulers.

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Isis; Queen of the Egpytian Gods, Goddess of Magic and of Rainbows and fertility. Sacred Animal of Isis is the Chicken beautiful tatoo

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Isis The feminine archetype for creation, the goddess of fertility and motherhood. She represents our feminine aspects - creation, rebirth, ascension, intuition, psychic abilities, higher chakras, higher frequency vibrations, love and compassion. She is the Yin energy, the mother nurturer, the High Priestess, the essence of the feminine energy, which is part of us all. Isis was a magician. She learned her magic from Thoth, although according to some legends, she obtained her powers from…

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The Isis of myth... We also know that "Virgin" means a woman who does not bow to a man, who is not dependent on a man. Isis never was.

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Quick & handy Guide to Gods & Goddesses of Egypt! via Magical Recipes Online Ra, the God of Sun: Invoked for all Blessings, Healing & Wealth Osiris, God of the Underworld: Invoked for Justice & Rebirth Horus: Invoked for Protection & Healing: http://www.magicalrecipesonline.com/2012/05/whats-that-symbol-eye-of-horus-ouadza.html Isis: Invoked for Love & Magic Thoth: Invoked for Wisdom and Magical Powers Sekhmet: Invoke for Banishing and warding off Evil…

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Isis and Osiris by Alla Yashina / Sacred Geometry <3

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Isis by Laurence Bernier

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hieroglyphics down sides of image on my lower left side of my back - love it

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egyptian goddess isis tattoo - Google Search

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