In honor of tonight's premiere, why I will forever be Team Jacob #Twilight

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#TaylorLautner as Jacob Black. #Twilight

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Dont make that face. Ahh

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Taylor Lautner. PS- I liked you before you became massively popular. I liked you in Shark boy and Lava girl, and people thought I was just being weird....

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Purpose: To show the unfounded love of Bella Swan and Jacob Black Audience: Team Jacob Genre: Romance Ethos: Twilight Saga Wiki Logs: Bella loves Jacob but she loves Edward more. Bella also has a different kind of love for Jacob than Jacob does for her. Pathos: Bella and Jacob have a strong relationship. Although, they love each other in a different way.

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Jacob Black. Fan art.

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Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2

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Twilight Jacob

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#TaylorLautner as Jacob Black. #Twilight

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"She's gone." He croaked, laying his tear soaked face on his folded arms. "There was nothing I could do...Nothing. I tried..."

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