Dango- a Japanese dumpling and sweets made from mochiko, related to mochi. It is often served with green tea~

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n Kyoto, Japan’s most traditional city, the way of making wagashi is known as Kyogashi and there are many places around the city where you can try your hand at making some Kyogashi for yourself!

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Japanese sweets, Suama made of non-glutinous rice flour and sugar すあま

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I just had to pin this on my Japan board!!!

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These Japanese sweets inspired the Shiseido Shimmering Cream Eye Color in Konpeito (RS318). #colorinspiration

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Wagashi come in an astounding variety of shapes and styles, and are variously classified according to the cooking method used, such as steaming or baking, or by their water content, namely the uncooked and very moist namagashi or omogashi, the less moist han-namagashi, and dry higashi sugar candies.

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These are Japanese sweets that look soooooo tasty!

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daifuku, mochi, sakura mochi, dorayaki, taiyaki, manju

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wagashi. japanese_sweets. frowers. More Big Cakes, Minis Cakes, Wedding Food, Little Cakes, Petite Four, Yummy Food, Individual Cakes, Wedding Favours, Japanese Sweet Individual cakes Wagashi Japanese sweets Flower mini cakes Individual cakes-rather than one big cake? Petit fours~ Wedding Favours I want these cute little cakes for my guest

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Wagashi, Japanese sweets Mais

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