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The Death Of Julius Caesar (Original) (Signed) by Cecil Doughty at The Book Palace

'Julius Caesar' infographic from Course Hero. l i wanted to put this one because it gives us info allot about Julius Casear and what he did for Rome and the things he invented

Why did Brutus, whose life had been saved by Julius Caesar, join the plot to have him killed? Mystery of History Volume Lesson 97

Julius Caesar Funeral Speeches - Close Read, Analyze, Answer Skills Questions

Free Printables for Julius Caesar Unit Study

All of the resources you'll need for your Julius Caesar unit study - links to book, worksheets and printables, videos, and more! For graders.

Julius Caesar Act 1 Comic Strip for Note-taking, Active Reading, Study Guide

Julius Caesar Paraphrasing Comic Strip - Struggling readers paraphrase key lines to build comic strip summaries of Acts I and II. Help students understand Shakespearean language and stay engaged while reading.

Perfect Julius Caesar pencil holder

Perfect Julius Caesar pencil holder l i wanted to put this because its not just a pencil holder but it shows Julius face and the beauty on the way his face came out and also bc he writes poems that he writen made him love pencils too