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Magic Kaito Fan Art

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HE CAN'T HOLD HIS ICE CREAM UP (Kaito would probably be me)

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marshall-islandsmute (Marshall) - DeviantArt

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Vocaloid Cosplay Pictures | Cosplay Upload! - Part 6

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Here's a gif of Kaito spinning in a chair. You're very welcome.

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heart 13 » Nendoroid KAITO: Senbonzakura Ver.

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Kaito & Aoko~ I just had to repin it, it's too cute

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Glaceon (does anyone else think this looks somewhat like the vocaloid KAITO?)<------ maybe Kaito is cosplaying?

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Or Len... Well, KAITO works, too... Now that I think about it, I prefer KAITO...

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Pixiv Id 19839861, New Danganronpa V3, Kiibo (New Danganronpa V3), Toujou Kirumi, Momota Kaito, Shirogane Tsumugi

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