Tuxedo for fashion doll - free pattern i'm thinking sparkly gold thread and add a winged baret and I got Moist von lipvig

Blonde American Girl in "Wedding Wonder" and Ken in "Tuxedo"- she could have paid more attention to her hair for her big day! Looks like Carol Channing hair

“What we are doing with Mattel and 'Genuine Ken' is a complete game changer. We have created a wildly compelling, network-quality reality sh.

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Ken & Little Patient Tommy Doll Set From the Box: "I'm dressed for a date without my lab coat. I have cool sunglasses and a surprise gift for Barbie Doll inside.

fuckyeahdollsofcolor: ladykrystelle: Fashion Royalty “Xavier” from Integrity Toys, w/a custom faceup by Peewee Parker

DIY - How to Make: Doll Joggers -Handmade - Clothes - Craft - 4K

our ken to barbie ratio was always i did have this one i think. I remember the shorts which seem completely awkward now