Tattoo artists, Kim Saigh and Hannah Aitchison. I like them better than Kat, but Kat is Awesome at potrets!

Tattoo artists, Kim Saigh and Hannah Aitchison. I want either one of these ladies to do my next tattoo.

Kim Saigh Tattoos | Kim Saigh and Shawn Barber Memoir Tattoo Los Angeles - Big Tattoo ...

There is no other Hindu symbol more well known then the Ganesha. The Ganesha is a Hindu god straight out of Hindu mythology. The Ganesha is a very popular god with some of the most striking characteristics that many are sure to remember. The Ganesha.

We heart this anatomical diagram by LA Ink's Kim Saigh, who completed this piece coincidentally on Valentine's Day. Source: Instagram user kimsaigh

21 Ink-credible Science-Inspired Tattoos

21 Ink-credible Science-Inspired Tattoos: The careful line-drawing and stippling techniques of science illustration make them a natural starting point for incredible tattoos.