So many great ideas for teaching   physical science to elementary aged students from our blogger Erin Bittman.

Exploring Potential and Kinetic Energy

Potential and Kinetic Energy for Kids - YouTube

Potential and Kinetic Energy. The law of conservation of energy. Energy cannot be created. Energy cannot be destroyed.

Scientists define energy as the ability to get work done. This lesson free sheet explains the two states for which all energy exists: potential and kinetic.

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Easy STEM experiment to study potential and kinetic energy. All you need is a Lego car and a balloon. Includes link to a cute youtube video explaining the concepts.

Potential and Kinetic Energy- 2nd Grade Homeschool

Awesome STEM Activity for Kids--Make a Craft Stick Catapult!

DIY Catapults for Kids

DIY Catapults for Kids - Coffee Cups and Crayons Awesome STEM Activity for Kids--Make a Craft Stick Catapult using wooden craft sticks, paint and pom poms! If you absolutely love arts and crafts you actually will enjoy our website!

How To: Make Balloon Rockets In Your Living Room. Making science discovery oh so fun!

Activities That Will Keep Your Kids Busy All Winter - Super-fun balloon rockets also teach an important science lesson.

Potential & Kinetic Energy -- Roller Coaster...very have to sign in to download it, but it is free.

From PBS Learning's Teacher Domain: animation demonstrates potential & kinetic energy for a roller coaster.

The HK OICW KE Phase III had High Explosive ammunition firing from the top barrel and Kinetic Energy rounds accurate up to 1,000 meters firing from the lower.

The Phase III Heckler and Koch OICW (Objective Individual Combat Weapon) had HEAB (High Explosive Air Burst) ammunition firing from the top barrel and KE (Kinetic Energy) rounds accurate up to meters firing from the lower.

The Hourglass Lamp Collection is powered by kinetic energy generated from the falling of sand. This off-the-grid lighting solution illuminates interior environments using LEDs. When the hourglass is flipped over the falling sand passes through an internal mechanism that generates energy to power the light.

Danielle Trofe's LED Hourglass Lamps Are Powered by Falling Sand

Green energy solutions are starting to become mainstream these days, and as always, when they come in the form of passive technologies, those tend to work. How about an idea that requires the general public to chip in – that [...]

Pavegen Generates Power When You Walk

Part of the Paris Marathon featured Pavegen kinetic energy harvesting tiles, which collected energy from runners.