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The biggest venomous snake in the world, the majestic King cobra is an awe inspiring snake found in Southeast Asia.

King Cobra Snake

Another poisonous snake is seen in king cobra facts. When you hear the word cobra, you always associate the animal with India. We know that this country is famous with the cobra dancing.

King Cobra and Mongoooose

Original Caption: "King Cobra and Mongoooose. I normally don't do predation shots, but this one is straight out of Riki Tiki Tavi"

king cobra

Do YOU SEE THIS , a snake a cobra snake Hannah , humm do you see this huh?

Spectacled Cobra

Spectacled Cobra - Mark Laita the markings of king cobra! dont ever change your beautiful soul!

King Cobra

(KO) Such a lovely smile! Don't startle this sensitive guy. He can't inject you with nasty venom if you aren't close. Tricky snake, the cobra.

#SPG Pictures of the day: 4th March 2016 A striking cobra Kendall Jenner on the catwalk and a beautiful sunrise

The King Cobra faces photographer in strike posePhotographer capture King Cobra 'strike', Krabi province, Thailand Photo by Tom Charlton/Rex Shutterstock

King cobra

King Cobra - Their venom is not the most potent among venomous snakes, but the amount of neurotoxin they can deliver in a single bite—up to two-tenths of a fluid ounce (seven milliliters)—is enough to kill 20 people, or even an elephant.