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Koboi and her truffles :P <-- You can see pictures of Artemis and Holly in the background too! :D

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Every March Madness School Ranked By Their Most Embarrassing Alum

Toby Keith. Lovelovelove him.

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I saw something sort of like this that was really funny with Root, Foaly, Holly, and Artemis..... BUT THIS IS FREAKING HILARIOUS!

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The last will and testament of Artemis Fowl the second. Being the final wishes of Artemis Fowl in the event of his death at the hands of the pixie Opal Koboi.

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Yes. Allegiant.....what the heck!!! I mean she blows up the doors fights off the death serum and then u think she will live and then David shoots her! and.....and...and....*Sobs it was HEARTWRENCHING

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Opal Koboi

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Timothy Olyphant as Raylan in fx's justified ❤

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Dustin Lynch....what a good-looking cowboy! Word's can't describe how good he looks!!

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The film version: Cody Lambert, Tuff Hedeman, Lane Frost. "8 Seconds"

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Oh my gosh! It's Willie Lahaye! I loved Logan Bartholomew in the Love Comes Softly series and wanted to end the series as soon as he died. FYI he never died in the books!!

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