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A Black Beauty! Faras, Konj, Cavallo , Cal’, Ma, Cheval, Sus, Soos, Lò, Pferd , Hest , Hestur, Hevonen , Kuda, Caballo, Alogo, Uma, 馬, paard, Ceffyl, Kin, घोड़ा лошадь


Beautiful Arabian Horse (Feeling messages #11) - I see pictures of beautiful horses and that makes me really happy. It reminds of when I was volunteering at a local stable and that desire to go back and help again comes up like a huge elephant in the room. One of the reasons I'm unhappy right now is because I'm not able to do the things (personal reasons) that make me the most happiest. THATS got to change somehow. Its VERY frustrating.


Arabian horse painting - never get sick of looking of this beautiful painting.


Kuda Terbang Di Mekkah - Video Amatir Penampakan Kuda Terbang Di Mekkah Arab Saudi

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