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if I were able to have any horse in the world ...( I'd take all of them)

Gayfields Speedy Getaway, a blue roan Welsh Sec. B stallion. This picture shows the upside down V's you'll see on the front legs of a lot of true roans.

Kellys Blue King; Quarter Horse stallion; blue roan interesting coloring

Blue Roan Paint. *drooooool* so freaking pretty I cannot stand myself. I've always had a soft spot for blue roans...

Blue roan cocker spaniel - I'm hoping to get one of these beauties in the summer! So excited!!!

Gorgeous coloring: blue roan quarter horse

Beverly Hills Equestrian Center Ricochet for SALE 13.2 hh, Color: Blue Roan, Breed: Welsh pony cross, Temperament from one to ten: 7, Displine: Hunters, equitation