Grey Arabian

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The Velvet Muzzle - Horse Decor & More Signs inspired by the horses we love!

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Arabian stallion El Salamo

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Heavy horse

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Home - Syndicat Hippique Boulonnais - France's Boulonnais Horse The Boulonnais, also known as the "White Marble Horse",[1] is a heavy draft horse breed. The breed's origins trace to a period before the Crusades and, during the 17th century, Spanish Barb, Arabian and Andalusian blood was added to create the modern type. Unlike other draft breeds such as the Shire or Clydesdale, it has no heavy feathering on its lower legs.

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Sorraia mare and foal. More info about Sorraias in USA in

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I owned an Apaloosa like this only she was brown and white.

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I adore this coloring.

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Beautiful horses

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