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Carabidae: Cicindela nitida.Cicindela nitida SE Primorskiy reg., Lazo nature reserve Perekatnaya river, 20.06.97 leg. Yu. Sundukov Male Body length 17 mm

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20 Kukang Hasil Perburuan Liar Berhasil Diselamatkan -

The "Sunda Slow Loris." ~ "I'm Just Holding on!" (Native to Indonesia, Western Malaysia, Southern Thailand and Singapore. The Common Name for it in Indonesia is: "KuKang.") ✿⊱╮ Photo By: Frenki_Jung on 500px.

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white golden doodle - OMG our next Bentley has to be white!!! HOW STINKIN' CUTE!

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The green island that Pi and Richard Parker arrived to was completely inhabited by meerkats.

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~~the smiling Loris by Irawan Subingar~~

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Lirik Lagu Anak Kukang - Sulawesi Selatan

Random Pictures Of The Day - 74 Pics

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AWWWWW!!!! Westie Love :) - I love this picture! Piper does this, too, anytime an animal in on TV. It makes it hard to watch animal planet, though!

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Photograph KuKang by Frenki_Jung on 500px

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'kitties' by Mina Milk

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Winter has arrived. In like a lion, definitely. Out like a lamb, we can only hope. In the meantime, we’re celebrating the snowy wonder of it and wishing you the happiest of holiday seasons.

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The Panda Bear - They are able to climb and take shelter in hollow trees or rock crevices, but do not establish permanent dens. For this reason, pandas do not hibernate, which is similar to other subtropical mammals, and will instead move to elevations with warmer temperatures.

Huge Dogs You Can't Fit In Your Apartment

5 Biggest dogs you have ever seen | The Pet's Planet

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