Yup, it's got both the shiny and the sparkly.

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Ravenclaw Glasses More

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40 Amazingly Unique Labret Piercings for You! Labret piercings are a mark of dedication and endurance, thanks to the excessive care and self-control needed to wear jewelry on the lower lip! Only the...

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REAL septum ring. by BENTbyVictoria on Etsy

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Her piercings are beautiful www.bodycandy.com #piercing #bodymodification vertical labret septum

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labret piercing

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central labret - lip piercing

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I've secretly wanted a labret piercing since I was 12 years old. :)

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I love the vertical labret, this is on my piercing wish list. but I not sure how it would look

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vertical. wanted it done all of hs and college...not so much anymore

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