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14 Days To A Better Butt Workout Challenge

A beautiful booty? Tighter tush? Gorgeous glutes? Let’s face it, everyone wants a better butt. But is it possible? Of course it is! That’s why we’re kicking off our 14 Days To A Better Butt Challenge!


Stability Ball Total-Body Toner

If you like this quick upper body & ab workout try this total body workout and firm up everywhere!


VIDEO LONGO 211 CORDA E PESO Treino Top - Pernas, Bumbum e Abdômen - YouTube ✔


The Key to Muscle Mass

Use this one simple trick to build muscle quick Check out these 6 moves that will help firm tone your backside and require NO squats and NO lunges! Are you sick of squats and lunges? Change things up with these moves and find yourself burning calories and building muscle!


10 Ways To End (And Start) Your Year Mentally Strong

Finish the year off strong by learning these 10 effective ways to become mentally resilient and head into next year feeling better than ever! Mental health is super important to physical health, so let's get you started strong!


How To Stay Consistent & Motivated In Your Fitness Plan - Get Healthy U

People consistently have a difficult time trying to stay motivated to workout and eat healthy. Learn how to stay consistent and motivated in your fitness journey with a fitness tracker!


How To Do A Push-Up

Check out our blog on how to perfect your push-up technique! Good form is essential if you want to be getting the most out of your exercise! Try these tips & tricks today!


Sixpack Care, untuk latihan perut, punggung, kaki, dan lengan. Alat multi fungsi untuk meningkatkan kebugaran fisik...

Shoulders Workout | Muscle Day

Inilah 4 Gerakan Sholat yang Bermanfaat Bagi Kesehatan Islamedia Selain menjadi amalan utama bagi Muslim Sholat ternyata memiliki beberapa manfaat bila ditinjau dari Ilmu Kedokteran. Gerakan Sholat terbukti sangat bermanfaat bagi kesehatan manusia yang menunaikanya. Dokter Wahyu Triasmara menginformasikan melalui akun Facebook pribadinya bahwa gerakan Sholat yang memiliki manfaat bagi kesehatan berikut ini penjelasanya: 1. Takbiratul Ihram Berdiri tegak mengangkat kedua tangan sejajar…