Leche flan... so rich, you'll have clogged arteries just by looking at it  :  )

Filipino Leche Flan Recipe

Learn to make Filipino style leche flan using whole eggs. The result is a rich, smooth, and creamy flan you will love!
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Leche Flan

SugaryWinzy Easy Silky Creme Caramel aka Leche Flan or Caramel Custard

Easy Silky Crème Caramel aka Leche Flan or Caramel Custard

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Leche Puto is a Filipino dessert combining two favorites (leche flan and puto) into one delectable treat

Leche Puto

Leche Flan using oven

Leche Flan with Whole Eggs

Ube & Leche Flan Cupcakes
Velvety smooth, sweet and creamy-licious LECHE FLAN or crème caramel. Easy, tried and tested recipe for any occasion and perfect for Christmas or New Year's Day celebration! | manilaspoon.com

The Philippines and Leche Flan