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Holy hot damn levi u r gods creation u fine french fry

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12.25 Victor Nikiforov & Levi Ackerman || Happy Birthday Levi and Viktor!!!!!!! We all love you very much!!!!!!!!<< VERY MUCH

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aurieackerman: “ Artist: Lena_レナ | Source: ♡ | Twitter: inunekosukii | Pixiv: id=4269065 Posted with permission. ※ Do not repost, edit, or delete the credits. Please visit the original source and support the artist there! ”

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Levis adorable

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I just want to say Happy Birthday to Viktor Nikiforov, Levi Ackerman and Jesus

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Young Rivaille (Levi) Underground Days

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Levi Ackerman // AoT

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i can die in peace now << actually not really cuz it's been said that when Levi finally smiles again he's gonna die

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Levi Ackerman, cute, cat, neko, funny; Attack on Titan

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