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Lil Wayne #iHeartRadio #hiphop - listen here:

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Lil' Wayne - When he came out I used to think he sucked. Now he's one of the greatest rappers today.

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Lil Wayne: my boys have influenced I actually like listening to Lil Wayne

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Lil wayne More

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Yap!!! lil wayne!! comin' to my hood in august!! I'll be 9 months pregnant, buuuuut i just might have to go to this!! maybe it'll make me go into labor, hahaha! :)

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11 Musicians With A Shaky Grasp On Science

The most underrated rapper of all time

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Lil Wayne / Trukfit

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he loves rocking his beat headphones because it is hip and cool looking

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Lil wayne's how to love me hit me like an arrow hit to the knee. :))

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Lil wayne-as long as my bitches love me, I could give a fuck about no haters long as my bitches love me.

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