lilo. she was so awesome. wish she wasn't so messed up :/

lindsey lohan, back when she looked good. i actually love her style and hair and makeup in this picture.

I like this hair color

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Lindsay Lohan

Freckles are sexy! Most of the girls try and hide their freckles, but girls, believe us, most men find freckles incredibly sexy! We love that natural “Girl Next door” look. And please do not try and cover those freckles up with a whole lot of mak

Lindsay Lohan when she was super cute and the hottest thing to happen to “Mean Girls.”

Love, this color: Lindsay Lohan tends to bounce between red and platinum blonde hues, we thought the auburn tone she sported back in her 2004 Mean Girls era was so fetch.

Lindsay Lohan

Best Step By Step Ponytail Hairstyle Tutorials

Lindsay Lohan.

llrocks: “ Lindsay Lohan photographed by Terry Richardson GQ Magazine, December 2006 ”

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan (giving Terry Richardson the finger) - to entertain us with tales of a disney darling gone bad.