I had EVERY Lisa Frank branded folder, sticker, paper, eraser, pencil, coloring book, etc that was ever known to man.

lisa frank sweatshirt - a kitty with rainbow wings and a halo? I would totally rock this.

#LisaFrank I had this folder when I was in elementary school. Might still have it somewhere 0.0

This was always one of my favorite Lisa Frank pictures, and still is! I had a folder with this on it in school and I LOVED it! I still love Lisa Frank to this day as an adult - love how Target sometimes gets her stuff too!

When it came time to buy school supplies and the store was out of the Lisa Frank folder you wanted.

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hahaha shoutout to childhood... That was the cover of a school folder

hahaha shout out to childhood.Lisa Frank school supplies for school folders, notebooks, pencils, stickers and etc.

I had this as a folder and i cried when my mom made me throw it away when it was to ratty to use

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