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Logan Lerman and his gorgeous blue eyes.

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Hey I'm Logan, Shai's brother. I'm nineteen and very protective of her. I'm also single so yeah.

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Logan Lerman, how about I marry him, everyone can be jealous, and we can live happily ever after? (;

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Could we please just take a moment to acknowledge how beautiful Logan Lerman is? Please and thank you.

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Logan Lerman- Pride and Prejudice Remake Darcy (Deacon)

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the perks of being a wallflower. <3 Such a good movie and an even better book. :)

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Logan Lerman K I always thought he was hot. Like even in like his first films. -Hollie

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logan lerman.....for some reason i just find this picture of him super duper attractive

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Community Post: 22 Reasons Logan Lerman Is The Greatest Without Even Trying To Be

Logan Lerman...... Enough said! He is sooo cute!!!!

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