Lucy Pevensie in Narnia. [comparison- Become as a little child]

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Which "Narnia" Character Are You?

Photo from The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. Wallpaper and background photos of Prince Caspian for fans of The Chronicles Of Narnia images.

Queen Lucy the Valiant by Eunice Gamboa, a representation of one of the most wonderful moments of my life - Lucy Pevensie

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The written house assignments are perfect. Although, I think Lucy is probably a Hufflepuff and Peter a Gryffindor<<<<<and Susan is a ravenclaw and Edmund is a slytherin

Lucy Pevensie: A girl who didn't stop believing things just because people told her they weren't true. A girl brave enough to live by faith. Quote from Lucy "I wish you'd all stop trying to sound like grown-ups.