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Emma. She likes the quiet only her own voice satisfies her. She likes ice cream and baking she is really good at baking pies cherry, apple and blue berry pie. She likes watching the sunset

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Damn. ~Fluffy C.

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Megurine Luka-Just be friends / I don't get that song. If she loved him why did she brake it off? And further more Why did she brake up with such a hot guy?!?!

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I don't know why I find this slightly funny, I just... do...

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Sometimes even if someone knows what going on or if something is bad, they can't stop it.

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Pastel goth anime girl

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Orthadox cathedral Banja Luka, Herzegovina - by Marc Neal

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Wouldn’t it be amazing to come around a corner, and find a floor full of giant, delicate, unpoppable plastic bubbles? Well, if you’re lucky enough to see the installation work of German artist Luka Fineisen, that’s exactly what you’ll get! *POP*

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Luka eye make up                                                       …

Luka eye make up …

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Kagamine Rin/ Mengurine Luka, Hatsune Mikue Dress Cosplay (Vocaloid) - Love the dresses in this cosplay!

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