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This movie was a wonderful example of how even those in the depths of despair and fury do not always stay that way. They are not doomed to fate as many believe. Incredible artwork Maleficent by Kuro-D on deviantART

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Hello my beasties. It's been awhile hasn't it? So I'm thinking of changing my account... Any suggestions?

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You in all your beauty and your pain. You were the angel I saw standing in the rain.

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The 10 best fashion moments in film this year.

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May have shed some tears...beautiful relationship between malificent and aurora!♡ Pinterest : @uniquenaja ♡

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Maleficent: Her wings were my favorite part! They're so pretty! And her eyes! Her eyes are amazing too! :)

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Maleficent by Jeremiah Ketner, debuting @ WonderGround Gallery in Disneyland, May 24th

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When you self-publish your book with Scorpio Press, you have ALL the freedom to create a book cover design that best reflects YOU!

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Maleficent Angelina Jolie | Love villains too? Follow

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