ArtStation - Tactical Fett v2.1, Marc Lee

More Tactical Fett WiP. Late night sketching work in progress.

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For your consideration is a die-cut vinyl Bounty Hunter Symbol decal available in multiple sizes and colors. Vinyl decals will stick to any smooth clean surface including glass, walls, laptops, phones

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Which Star Wars Armor Would Best Fit You?

These are Mandalorian commandos - not to be mistaken for Boba Fett. However Boba and his father, Jango Fett, adopted their style of arms and armor.

ArtStation - Jedi Fett & The Smoke Pits, Dave Keenan

quarkmaster: “ Jedi Fett & The Smoke Pits Always liked the idea of a former Jedi becoming a bounty hunter. So I created this concept to depict just that.

Mando female, holy crap. Chessi! She even has Lark's expression of "Who messed up this time".

My mothers dark hair. My fathers green eyes. My mothers ability to fly ships. My fathers hawkeyes for snipering. My aunts combat prowess.