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Marie Avgeropoulos

octavia from the 100 | Marie Avgeropoulos could she play Dess if Malicious were ever turned into a movie?

awesome Marie Avgeropoulos – The 100 Season 1 Promoshoot

Marie Avgeropoulos... Absolutely the most gorgeous Woman I have ever seen in my Life Woman Crush Everyday

"Okay." She breathes. Slim finger comb through dark hair as she assesses the wound on her boyfriend's leg. The bullet had entered through the fatty part of his thigh, and had exited clean out the other side. Nothing major was hit, but the blood wouldn't stop flowing. Her eyes searched his face; his closed eyes, half-opened mouth. "Okay." With a jerk of her arms she shook her jersey off, then shredded it into inch-thick strips. "Just stop the bleeding, Becka. We'll find the shooter later."

“Marie Avgeropoulos in glasses aka the best thing the internet has given me today. ”

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