Want More Moss? A Guide to "Propagating" Moss Balls. | My Aquarium Club

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These two nano marimo who are content to be their fuzzy little selves all day long. | 19 Tiny Plants To Cheer Up Your Sad Work Desk

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Mini Glass Teapot Green Tea Marimo Moss Ball Aquarium Terrarium Do you fancy a pot of lovely Green Tea? Here is a beautiful and whimsical quality glass

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Marimo Moss Ball Care More

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J Marimo Round Jar Set More

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Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at http://www.etsy.com/listing/95033718/live-marimo-balls-and-maneki-neko-lucky

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The Natural Environmental Conditions of Wild Marimo | MossBall.com

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Amazon.com: LUFFY Marimo Moss Ball x 5+1 FREE! (half an inch in diameter)-Live Rare Easy Decor Pet Plant (Ship From USA) for grow a sea Triops Egg /Fun frog kit (the Monkey Love Them!) It is the beautiful and easiest plant.Just place them in water!: Toys & Games

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How to care for Marimo Balls More

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