Let's-a-Go! Mario Kart 8 Print

Print of Mario and the gang racing through rainbow road from the new Wii U game, Mario Kart

No its those stupid flying shells!!!

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Mario Kart 8 Deluxe website updated with a bunch of screens, videos, and art - NeoGAF

That's adding co-op which was a glaring omission from the Wii U original. And no, I'm keeping my Wii U copy.

MARIO KART PARTY - banana decorations roll up a piece of yellow cardstock into a tube, twist one end to make it look like the stem and then cut the other end into 3 pieces (cutting each end to a point)

What could be better than a kid birthday party, right? Kids are so excited about a party - wide-eyed and smiling from ear to ear .

When Mario Kart pretty much prepares you for driving in Canada:

30 Memes That Only "Super Mario Bros." Fans Will Appreciate

Voici les armes mortelles du jeu le plus redouté de tous ! Mouahaha ! Attention ce jeu vidéo est interdit au moins de 12 ans.... euh.... 2 ans ^^'

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Nintendo Mario Kart Choose Your Weapon Poster Print by ohdearmolly. , via Etsy.

Build a Mario Kart Halloween Costume out of a cardboard box! http://Tamarasjoy.com

Build a mario kart halloween costume out of a cardboard box. This mario kart halloween costume is cheap to make and an easy mario kart halloween costume!