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14 Ciri Ini Menandakan Agan Seorang Introvert, Bukan Pemalu! | Kaskus - The Largest Indonesian Community

Waspadai, Puber Kedua Pria Bisa Jadi Masalah Seksual! Mitos yang beredar di masyarakat, laki-laki lumrah mengalami pubertas ke-2 di umur paruh baya. Konon, di umur itu laki-laki suka mencari kesenangan baru, termasuk juga istri muda atau wanita dambaan lain. Dokter spesialis andrologi Nugroho Setiawan menyampaikan, bila orang berpikir laki-laki... Sumber :

It's when I've ignored my gut, that things have gone wrong... Yes, trust your gut. Or, as they say in the Mormon world, trust "the Spirit".

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listen to

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Never underestimate the therapeutic power

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I am more social than I seem I'm able to be. INFJ

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INFJ- I'd say that has some truth. When I see that a situation is draining me or that the other person has stopped trying, I remove myself from the situation since my efforts are being wasted. It's a better service to the other person to let them deal with the mess they created.

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INFJs... "We're not like other people, we love each other in our own way. We will have each other's minds"

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