In Artists Inspire Artists’s “Artists Series” we single out one amazing artist who’s work could stand alone. Today we have Giuseppe Parisi

inspiration for the surrounding landscape of the capitol city / Mickaël Forrett’s matte painting for Horizon. Combining fantasy, waterfalls, cool tall towers, more waterfalls, and realistic looking land.

Horizon Matte Painting

Horizon Matte Painting - Reminds me of a book I once read called, & in Flight& sci-fi, flying city, retro-futuristic, science fiction

Next to old Moanfield in the Age of Rise the ruins of an ancient elben city draw deep shadows on the land, showing a small part of the history of the Demon War, which once almost destroyed the entire universe.

30 inspiring examples of 3D art

rhubarbes: rhubarbes: One Is The Loneliest Number by StefanMorrell. (via One Is The Loneliest Number by StefanMorrell - CGHUB) More concept art here.

红崖故城, Bai Xuesong on ArtStation at