NICE PRICE, will be looking into these in the furture. UC2772 - Expendables Throwing Knives Set - $29.95. This really attractive man of mine got me back into my knife obsession.

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Master throwing knives infographic More

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There can't be a cooler gift than this TWELVE piece knife set | 9" each, full tang with fierce sharp blade; they also come with a carrying pouch and several targets | Throwing Knives | |

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Throwing Knives for Beginners | ExtremelySharpLife | Learn how to get started in this awesome hobby. Aim for the target and look like the bad-ass you are! |

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Double Sided Throwing Knives | Throwing knives 2|

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~ 10.00 ~ PERFECT POINT 3 Pieces THROWING KNIFE Black Ninja Throwers Set Knives Nylon Case #PERFECTPOINT

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From Joe to Pro: How To Master Throwing Knives Techniques

From Joe to Pro: How To Master Throwing Knives Techniques

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Throwing Knives. Throwing Knives would be THE best birthday present ever. In the history of evers. So, please.

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Brazal de cuero con tres cuchillos de lanzar Kunai de estilo japonés. Una variedad de colores están disponibles para el cuero, hardware y hojas.

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takudazai: Irisa’s throwing knives from the show Defiance. CNC aluminum, hand finished.

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