Perfect description of a Min Pin..."one of a kind personality"
min pin <3
I hope cairn terriers and mini pinschers get along because I want one of each!
Miniature Pinscher dog breed training, I just love mine, he is wonderful and has been easy to train and while spunky he is so non aggressive in every situation.
To have a miniature pinscher.
Miniature Pinscher Laws
Minature pincher
Son chien Rocco
min pin   Reminds me of "Dobbie G" when we first got him!!! Love him always!Never be another little "mandog" like him!!!
Steven Schuman
Classic Min Pin Pose. I DO NOT agree with cropping the ears or tail of any breed. I wish the AKC and other such orgs would get it together and realize how terrible this is.

Doberman Pinscher - Loyal and Fearless

Doberman Pinscher  Sign 9x12 ALUMINUM by animalzrule on Etsy, $13.00
Miniature pinscher