How to Build a 3D Model of a Plant Cell We don't go this far into detail, but I would like to try to make a plant cell tomorrow in class. Anyone have vegetable oil they would like to donate? I think I have everything else I need for this demonstration.

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plant and animal cells not labeled - Google Search

How to Build a 3D Model of a Plant Cell (with Pictures) | eHow

The best tutorial to make a 3-D model of a Plant Cell on

Interactive Cell Model

Plant cell models. Add wooden popsicle sticks w/ tape for cell wall, Ziploc bag (cellular membrane), Aloe vera gel (cytoplasm), bottle cap nucleus, plastic beads (ribosomes), small blue balloon partially inflated ? (vacuole), plastic fishing lure (mitochondria), green oval bean shaped bead (chloroplasts), ?ER, ?golgi body

Save this! This is the best tutorial to DIY a 3-D model of a plant cell.

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Edible plant cell cake- key lime cake & candy

Reed's 7th grade Advanced Science Plant Cell Project 3-D

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Make 3D Plant Cell Model | Ms. Rosen Reads » Blog Archive » Cell Models

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