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Classic Mint Mojito

Classic Mint Mojito

Coconut Mojito ~ Ditch the margaritas, and enjoy a refreshing Coconut Mojito for your Cinco de Mayo ... or any day ... sipping.  Such a delicious combination of fresh mint, lime, & coconut!

Coconut Mojito


Raspberry mojito

If you're going to drink Mojitos, have it done right, right? Refreshing, limey, minty...perfectly balanced. Don't pay for watered down Mojitos anymore! #cocktails #recipe

The Best Mojitos

Strawberry Mint Mojito Recipe: We took the classic mojito cocktail and fused it with the sweetness of strawberry, delivering this sultry summertime spirit.

Strawberry Mint Mojito Recipe

Mojito : Le vrai recette                                                                                                                                                                                 Plus                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Mojito : Le vrai

The key to a great mojito .. use brown sugar and always fresh mint..

Refreshing Mojito by the Pitcher Mojitos

Mojito recipe designed on chalkboard
New post! Here's how to make the best Blackberry Mojito ever!

How to make Blackberry Mojito

The Best Mojito from

The Best Mojito