Think you can identify a movie just by seeing the objects that appeared in that movie? If a movie is iconic enough, yeah, you probably can. Artist Jordan Bolton made this poster series that lays out various items that’ve appeared in a film, and it’s sort of fun to try and remember what was used for what. Sometimes it’s easy—you see those long black gloves and pearls and you can already picture Audrey Hepburn gazing into the window at Tiffany’s. With other movies, you can maybe only remember…

Cool Movie Posters Show Off the Objects That Appear in Famous Films

Moonrise Kingdom poster by Jordan Bolton, made by recreating original objects from the fllm. poster in the ‘Objects’ series.

Moonrise Kingdom (2012) dir. by Wes Anderson

Would be cool as a print / Moonrise Kingdom dir. by Wes Anderson

Yes I would use all these colors in my house just because its a wes anderson collection #MoonRiseKingdom #TheWesAndersonCollection

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Moonrise Kingdom is the latest film by Wes Anderson starring the usual eclectic cast of characters which includes here Bill Murray (as standard), and also Edward Norton, Frances McDormand, Bruce Willis and Tilda Swinton.

"C'est le temps de l'amour, le temps des copains et de l'aventure" Moonrise Kingdom

The beach dance scene. Moonrise Kingdom a film by Wes Anderson.

moonrise kingdom

Top 12 great Moonrise Kingdom quotes,Moonrise Kingdom Director: Wes Anderson,Stars: Jared Gilman, Kara Hayward, Bruce Willis This is my record player. It works with batteries. I like stories with magic powers in them.

moonrise kingdom poster. This is such a great movie still, a work of art by Wes Anderson!

What Wes Anderson Character Are You?

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Jared Gilman and Kara Hayward / Moonrise Kingdom, Wes Anderson