Climbing Vine, a jewel glass waterjet mosaic, is shown in glass Quartz and Aquamarine. Copyright New Ravenna Mosaics Thisis so beautiful, I could walk in a room with this as a wall and just stare at it for hours.

Mosaic ideas for your home

Vinery Finery glass mosaics Huge "Nebakeneezar" wine bottle, mosaic-ed with hand cut glass and smalti mosaic and brass BB's by Nancy Keating.

30 Artistic Mosaic Ideas

Moroccan Mosaic Fiesta Cubana Candle Holder/Vase, Set/3

Two's Company Fiesta Cubana Mosaic Tealight Candle Holder/Vase Assorted 3 Designs - Glass – Modish Store Mais

A commissioned mosaic piece . custom mosaic wall art by Ariel Shoemaker. It looks like there could be dichroic glass, especially at the bottom.

Uganda: Stained Glass Art

Mosaic Stained Glass - Roots by Catherine Van Der Woerd - Mosaic Stained Glass - Roots Glass Art - Mosaic Stained Glass - Roots Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale