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naga anatomy | Eyes : Orange with slit pupils.

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creme al siero di vipera

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Nagah Warrior by `dapper-owl (Hunter Bonyun) on deviantART |

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"Vanished Lands: A New Dawn" Session 40.33 | Vanished Lands | Obsidian Portal

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Merman, maybe could use this for a new -and one of the many- mamundicae account

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A Naga from World of Warcraft. The naga are the remnants of those Highborne who were trapped in the implosion of the Well of Eternity but who survived by mutating into horrific beasts. They retained their immortality and dwelt beneath the great Maelstrom, though they were reawakened by Illidan Stormrage in the wake of the Third War and are now bent upon reclaiming the land, attacking any night elves they find.

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The dragon in buddhism by lubo-09

The dragon in buddhism by lubo-09

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Tatiana Kirgetova (Russia). Lovely fantasy art. She has a romantic flair. [Commissions: Closed] [No listed prices.]

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Evangeline and Nate by on @deviantART

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