This is Cria. This is a painting by Nancy Noel. This is my very favorite of all her beautiful baby animals. She is awesome!

Cria - Nancy A. A 'Cria' is a baby llama. Nancy Noel raises llamas and horses on her ranch and paints beautiful pictures of animals, angels, and Amish children, to name a few. LOVE her art! I have this picture.

Nancy Noel “Happiness is like a butterfly which, when pursued, is always beyond our grasp, but, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you.” - Nathaniel Hawthorne

Nancy Noel

Nancy Noel - Happiness is a Butterfly ( one of my favorite Amish prints by this artist). Her art studio is in Indianapolis.

Angel with doves - Feel Gods love - Weirdly enough, I rarely like paintings with doves in it. They're just so white and stupid. I like this one though.

It would be heaven for me to be surrounded by the dove of peace, the dove of the Spirit.

Ian And The Frog, Nancy Noel (American)

Nancy Noel (American)

Patient room collage of nancy Noel Amish children Ian And The Frog, Nancy Noel (American)

First Christmas Litho 17x14 Signed and Numbered - I love Bonnie Mohr's paintings and prints.  She ranks right up there with Nancy Noel.

Country ~♥~ Life ◦✩☼◦ "First Christmas" by Bonnie Mohr.really don't want your cows to calve before winter.but in the spring (when deer are dropping their fawns--makes more sense!

Beautiful baby angel..she must be sitting at Jesus feet, because her face reflects His glory~

she must be sitting at Jesus feet, because her face reflects His glory~Artist - Nancy Noel

December - Nancy Noel. This is one of my favorites (because of the cows), I can't remember if I have this in my unframed artwork collection. If not I HAVE to buy it.

Nancy Noel (American)

Pinner says: Favorite. have this hanging in my house December - Nancy Noel, artist

Nancy Noel, artist

A Reverence for Life Art heals, informs, transforms and inspires. Nancy Noel, a philanthro.