The best party planning ideas for an epic New Year's Eve party!

32 Seriously Amazing New Year's Eve Party Ideas, Tips, and Decor Ideas

Done with gold icing from the bakery ~ Living the Well Appointed Life with Melissa Hawks: Style, Fashion, Home Decor Blog: Setting your New Year's Eve Table

Setting your New Year’s Eve Table

Here’s a playful clock cake, posed to strike at midnight! Pick up some gold icing at your local baking store and you can do this yourself!

At Home in Arkansas | December 2015 | Life of the Party

Stroke of Genius Created by Natalie Madison of Natalie Madison's Artisan Cakes, the elegant clock cake—with the time set just before the stoke of .

Chinese New Year Cupcakes: Gorgeous and flawless cupcakes depicting recognizable Chinese elements, including a Chinese lantern, dragon and a water lily.

Chinese New Year Cupcakes and Cakes: Inspiration for a New Year!

Spread good fortune, longevity and prosperity wishes for the Lunar New Year with these Chinese New Year cupcakes, cakes and party ideas!