Blue Note: 75 years of the coolest visuals in jazz

Blue Note: 75 years of the coolest visuals in jazz

Daughter of famed Sitar player Ravi Shankar.I will go away with singer Norah Jones anywhere, anytime! The voice that comes out of that beautiful mouth!

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Somewhere over the Rainbow and What A Wonderful World Medley from Aselin Debison from the album Sweet Is the Melody. Sorry for the video including pictures o.

Nora Jones might be the pinnacle of females.

The Fall

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Norah Jones you have single handedly made more than a few days brighter x

Singer Norah Jones splits from musician boyfriend

Norah Jones - Elle

Go West, Young Woman

I love norah jones hair cut. Could def go for it.

Norah Jones <3 | Greatest musician of all time.   What did you say? I know I saw you singing But my ears won't stop ringing Long enough to hear those sweet words What did you say?  Norah Jones - Those Sweet Words

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I want to wake up with the rain falling on a tin roof, while I'm safe in your arms...Love Norah Jones

Come away with me - Norah this song. This the solo we had sung at our wedding with my oldest stepson accompanying with guitar.