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Louis Tomlinson One Direction Gray Gray Bertasson Tomlinson. I think you are one of the best people walking on this planet :)

One Direction Memes - one-direction Photo

If one more girl tries to touch my new haircut, I will slap you off the damn plane before you can say ‘i love carrots, too’.” Sass master from Doncasta strikes again

.Harry, "what now little girl" Louis, "I'm trying not to punch you, also I am afraid." Niall, " high note high note high not, Ashton?!?!?" Zayn, "Da heck is wrong wid choo" Liam, " bask in my infinite glory I AM THE PAYNO I AM WORTHY OF THE PRAISE bow down to me you worthless little awe sorry im being pushy here just get down on your knees and say ,'payno payno payno'"OMG

Harry, "what now little girl" Louis, "I'm trying not to punch you, also I am afraid.

Hahaha and THEN he sleeps! Goodness! Louis sounds like a three year old! LLN!

HAHAHAH I do the same thing at sleepovers like the one I'm hosting now with a non-Directioner ugh peasant carrots non-Directioners LLN I kid I kid

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1D's Most Epic Tour #Fails


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