Sonic Benches--Jensen Kit, Park Pano, Carter Wheats, Owen Franks, and Frankie Steel

One Direction, Four, review: 'songwriting by numbers, but the numbers add up'

One Direction from their FOUR Album photoshoot

One Direction | for Action 1D | @emrosefeld |

Niall and Harry are growing a beard even though Harry had one for a long time (cough) Larry (cough)

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Hi, yeah, sorry to bother you, but I'm gonna need you to stop being so flawless. You're gonna give someone heart problems and people are gonna die of feels. Thanks.

20 Interesting Things About Heidi Klum

One Direction- Niall in glasses OmG ZAYN I'm like wtf I love you even

Anybody going to see the movie next weekend?!? I AM AND IM SO FREAKING EXCITED!!

Zayn Malik / Louis Tomlinson / Niall Horan / Liam Payne / Harry Styles / One Direction / Four / Fireproof niall looks perfect on theae photos per-fect

One Direction | @emrosefeld |

untiiiil they all split up and went seperate directions but ya know whaaaaaatevvvvveeerrrr